Day-Tour to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem
Israel's "City without a break" is always worth a visit! There is something for everyone in Tel Aviv. This Day-tour brings you to some of Tel Aviv's most famous Highlights. It is suitable for every first-timer in Israel. Businessmen, who have little time, can also select some of the sites we visit and make it a half-day tour, or even a short visit of a couple of hours...


We set out from Jerusalem through the Judean Hills heading for Jaffa, the Ancient Port City from which Tel Aviv, the First Hebrew City, developed. Here we will stroll through the narrow-alleyways, hear some of its many legends, and maybe visit one or two of the Art Galleries for which Jaffa's Old City also became famous. Next we head to Tel Aviv's colorful (and noisy…) Carmel Market. Here the sounds of the Merchants blend with the colors, smells and taste of their merchandise… The Carmel Market ends in the Sheinkin Street, where every Israeli celebrity wants to be seen… We are now in the area known as the "White City" – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The White City is famous for its "Bauhaus"   Architecture, developed in the beginning of the 20th Century by a group of pioneer Jewish architects who wanted to express their ideas of a new and better society through the buildings they created. We walk along the wide Rothschild Avenue and talk about a few characteristic houses there, including the "Hall of Independence", where the State of Israel was born. If you have some time left, there is always something more to experience in Tel Aviv before we head back…

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