"Sabra" is the Nickname for a born and raised Israeli. Its origin is the fruit of the Sabra Cactus, which, people say, is just like the Israelis: From the outside very thorny, but from the inside – sweet…!!!

Who is a true Sabra? This is only revealed after a trip with Benayah

Benayah will know about all the things to do in Israel, from Senior Tours and up to challenging and unique field trips, complete with hotels or tents, buses, jeeps or even helicopters... He will spice things up with historical facts, mystical anecdotes, Bible stories, botanical tidbits, and much more...

A Sabra loves a challenge and the unexpected, and that is precisely what Benayah has to offer…

Benayah knows how to turn even a normal tour into an unforgettable experience. Benayah will take you on that special tour you asked for, and suddenly you will hear his flute music, listen to Abraham speaking to you out of the bible, or enjoy his special herbal tea in the middle of the desert… 


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