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Day-Tours outside Jerusalem          
A classical, yet off-the-beaten-track Tour that is designed as a private 1-Day Tour operated from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Especially suitable for those who are in Israel for the first time, or people on a Shore Excursion.
A short glimpse into some of the most important sites in the Negev. For Israel-first-timers staying in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, or anyone else interested...
Israel's "City without a break" is always worth a visit! There is something for everyone in Tel Aviv. This Day-tour brings you to some of Tel Aviv's most famous Highlights. It is suitable for every first-timer in Israel. Businessmen who have little time, can also select some of the sites we visit and make it a half-day tour, or even a short visit of a couple of hours...

For those who like Nature and Adventure – This is the perfect Tour! The Judean Desert offers us lots of hiking opportunities – all less than an hours drive from Jerusalem, so why not seize the opportunity???


Over-day Trip for those staying in Jerusalem, bringing you to the most famous sites by the Dead Sea: Masada & Qumran, and enables you also to enjoy a very special float in the mineral-rich Dead Sea.
The Galilee in Northern Israel has many religious and historical sites to offer. Here are a few ideas for tours in the Galilee, which can be done as Day-Tours from Jerusalem, or with Over-Night in Galilee.
Tours described here as "Tours from Jerusalem" can also be operated from any other starting-point in Israel, and even from Jordan or Egypt. Please contact us and we will adjust your private tour according to your special needs!