My luxury Tourism car          
 My Luxury Tourism Car
I am proud and happy to announce that my new and luxury "Eshkol" Licensed Tourism Car is here and ready to go! The car, an upgraded Toyota Proace Verso Family, can comfortably take up to 7 passengers, including their luggage, and has some of the most advanced safety and driving systems, with sensors & cameras  front and back and much much more...

I am also happy to inform you that I already received 5 shots of vaccine against CoViD 19, so I am now fully immune against the disease. My spacy car, which I equipped with sanitation material and spare masks, is ready to take you around according to the Israeli CoViD 19 "Tav Sagol" standard!

Here are some of the great features of my car:
Comfortable Leather Seats for 7 Passengers
Luxury Interior Design for a comfortable ride
Full Climate Controll also for the back seats
5 Doors for optimal Access & Comfort
State-of-the-Art Multimedia Panel with Internet Connection
Big Luggage Room that holds more than one suitcase for 7 persons, and there is still some space left...
Well, this might also be an option...
WiFi-Connection for all passengers
...for your Cold Drinks!
A built-in Refrigerator...