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Jerusalem Day Tours          
The basic Tour for Christian first-timers in Jerusalem, which combines Jerusalem with Bethlehem in the Palestinian authonomy. Can be made from all-over Israel. ​
Situated in the Center of Israel, being holy to the 3 Monotheistic Religions and more, it is known to everyone, so there is almost no visitor to Israel that hasn't been in Jerusalem. Hence Jerusalem is a great place from which you can take tours all over israel. As I am based in Jerusalem, it is very convenient for all of us!
The ultimate 1-Day Tour to Jerusalem encompassing not only the religious sites, but also some modern aspects, such as Archaeology, and Jerusalem as Israels modern capital. This tour can be operated as a private tour from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias, or the Dead Sea.
A new Hiking Route I developed, which connects some of the most exciting sites in Jerusalem. It is part of the greater "Abraham's Route" project, which consists of Hiking Routes that connect People & Religions together through the common traditions relating to Abraham. 
The most popular tour of Jerusalem, showing the most famous highlights of the city and its religions. It is most suitable for a private tour with private car and can be operated from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.
2 Days in Jerusalem, which are actually done as 2 separate day-tours, so you don't necessarily have to stay over-night in Jerusalem. It is mainly designed for Jewish families, but is also suitable for non-Jews - practically anyone who loves the city and wants to get to know it from new and surprising angles!
Jerusalem - Israel's Golden Crown, offers everything you would ask for: Besides most of the world's holiest sites, there are lots of things to do in Jerusalem: From shopping in the Bazaar, to visiting one of the many super-modern museums, or the World Space Convention... Here you will find a few suggestions for tours in Jerusalem, the city where Benayah Blum is based. Contact us, and we will help you plan YOUR personal Jerusalem tour!