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 Hiking on Abraham's Route
This itinerary is  a 1 Day Hike intended for those who want to have a biblical off-the-beaten-track experience of Jerusalem. It is part of the "Abraham's Route" concept I developed, and hence suited for anybody who wants to connect to the spirit of Abraham, the founder of all monotheistic religions. 



The Day begins with a Panoramic View of Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade, the place where Abraham viewed Jerusalem for the first time when he came from Beer Sheba to sacrifice his son Isaac. From here we hike through the "Peace Forrest", where we find almost all the trees of the Holy Land, and through the picturesque Neighborhood Abu Tor to the cliffs of the Ben Hinnom Valley with its ancient Burial Caves and the Greek Orthodox Aceldama Monastery. This path brings us to the recently discovered Siloam Pool, the place where the Jews celebrated the "Festivity of the Water" during the time of the Second Temple. From here we ascend to Mt. Moriah on a newly-opened tunnel, where we walk on the Monumental Street that once led to the Temple Mount, and come out right by the Western Wall of Mt. Moriah – the Mountain shown by God to Abraham!

We now walk down to the ancient city of (Jeru)Salem, known today as the "City of David" and then through the "Kings Valley", where Melchizedek, King of Salem, blessed Abraham with Bread and Wine, and the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus spent the Last Night before his Arrest, up to Mount Scopus. From here we can enjoy a last glance at the Holy City before we head back home.



1.    As we visit some holy places, respectful, modest clothing, is required. This means you have to cover both your knees and shoulders, including men.
2.    Some of the sites mentioned in this program are closed on the Sabbath (Saturdays) and Jewish holidays, and hence I recommend not to operate this tour on these days or to alter the itinerary accordingly.


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