Jerusalem - Israel's Golden Crown, offers everything you would ask for: Besides most of the world's holiest sites, there are lots of things to do in Jerusalem: From shopping in the Bazaar, to visiting one of the many super-modern museums, or the World Space Convention... Here you will find a few suggestions for tours in Jerusalem, the city where Benayah Blum is based. Contact us, and we will help you plan YOUR personal Jerusalem tour! 
Egypt became the first tourism destination outside Europe. No wonder, with it's concentration of Cultural, Natural & Religious sites!
Benayah has the contacts & experience to plan the suitable Egypt Tour for you. Contact him for more advice, including information about the current security situation.
Israel is the Bridge between East and West, Old and New. It encompasses 4 climate zones and Holy Places for 5 Religions. It is also known as "The Start-up Nation" whereas others seek Israel for Health reasons. That's why there are so many different tour-itineraries in Israel. Here are a few suggestions for Israel Itineraries that can be carried out with a group or as a private tour. Contact us, and we will help you plan YOUR most suitable Israel Tour!
Benayah's deep religeous background and biblical studies enable him to understand the special needs & what is meaningful to each & every religious group.  Combined with his vast knowledge of the Geography & Nature of the Holy Land, Benayah can give you that once-in-a-lifetime experience you are looking for!
This is Benayah's Specialty!  Benayah has gained decades of experience in all kinds of tours, be it special religious tours, Jewish or Christian, Incentive Tours, Family Tours, "Scavenger Hunts" for firms or families, or tours concentrating on a special theme or subject, such as Political Tours, Nature Tours, Yoga Tours, Agricultural Tours, or even a Harry Potter Tour - Benayah has made them all!
Contact us for YOUR special Tour!
Since a Peace Accord was signed between Israel & Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom became a popular Tourism Site. Living almost half of his lifetime in Eilat, right by the Jordanian Border, Benayah became one of the first Israeli Guides organizing Tours to Jordan from Israel. Contact him for booking & more information.