Hike in the Judean Desert

For those who like Nature and Adventure – This is the perfect Tour! The Judean Desert offers us lots of hiking opportunities – all less than an hours drive from Jerusalem, so why not seize the opportunity???

Drive down to the Dead Sea, the deepest place on earth. Ascend the Ma’ale Shalem road, over the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea. After a short stop for the view we drive to the beginning of the canyon of Wadi Meshash. We leave our vehicle and hike down the Meshash-gorge, climbing down and through the waterholes with the help of cables and handles attached to the solid rock. After a rainy winter, we might find those waterholes filled with water. Reaching Wadi Muraba’at, we take a path that leads us up the slope and into the Muraba’at caves, where the first Bar-Kochba letters from the Roman period were found. A steep path brings us back to the dirt road, where our car awaits us. On our way back we can seize the opportunity to float (not swim…!!) in the healing waters of the Dead sea.