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List of Equipment for Long-Range Field Trips
Packing-tips for Desert-Trips involving Camping in Nature with Jeeps, Camels or Donkeys...
When going on a long-range Desert-Trip of several days, with camping in Nature, people always ask me what they should bring with them. Of course, people are different, and have different needs, so I prepared this General List of what is necessary, and you can adjust it to your own needs...

Whether you go on Jeeps, Camels, Donkeys or another mean of transportation, the principle of these Desert Trekking Trips is that you hike during the day, and we have a mean of transportation
(Jeep, Camels, Bus...) that brings your over-night gear to the next camp. Hence, you should pack the gear in the List below in two separate bags:

Should be a light, small rucksack which you can easily carry with you while hiking during the day. It should have space to carry everything you need during the day, such as sunscreen, water, lunch, etc... Everything you didn't pack in the day-pack you will only be able to use when we get to our night-camp.

It doesn't have to be one piece of luggage. You can, for example, pack your sleeping-bag and mat separately. It has to be made of a soft material (no suitcases!) as it will be tied firmly on the mean of transportation that will carry it to the campsite. It doesn't even have to be a real bag. I had people who didn't bring a suitable night-bag with them, so we packed their night-stuff into a few disposable garbage bags and it worked perfectly...! When at camp, you will have both your Day- and Night-pack with you, so if you have a doubt if you should pack anything in the Day- or Night-pack, always pack it in the Day-pack.

In very rare occasions I also guide treks with no means of transportation. In that case you should pack everything in one pack, used for day and night, so you have to limit yourself only to the most important gear.


List of personal equipment for Field Tour


-       Warm Sleeping-bag (nights are cold in the desert, so you will need at least (-5) degrees Centigrade)                -       sleeping mat
-       Flashlight and/or headlight
-       Spare batteries / "Powerbank" for all your electronic devices (cellphone, camera, etc...). There will be no                charging opportunity during the whole tour!
-       Trekking-shoes for the day and something light for the night (sandals o/s…).
-       Hat & sunglasses.
-       Water-bottle/s (to contain 3 Liters of water). You can also use the regular 1.5 Lt. Mineral-water or soft-drink             bottles).
-       Soft bag to be carried on the Jeeps/Camels/Donkeys. Here you pack everything you need for the trek,                   except for what you carry with you during the day. This bag will be tied firmly on the Jeep/animals, so a                   normal suitcase would break (See more above).
-       Day-pack: A knapsack that will be easy for you to carry everything you need during the day. This includes               any additional equipment you need for filming, recording, etc… (See tips above)
-       Insect-repellant.
-       Sun protection crème (SPF 15 or more).
-       Head Covering (Hat or other...)
-       Sunglasses
-       Laundry bag
-       Toilet-bag & towel.
-       Toilet paper (we usually bring this with us as part of the group-equipment, but it’s always better to have your            own…)
-       If you have to take any special medication, please bring it with you.
-       Clothing to change, including underwear.
-       Warm clothing for the night.
-       Swimming Suit