The "Yes we CAN" Association
"Yes we CAN!" became the motto of these wonderful people a few years before it became President Barak Obama's election slogan. The reason is that the English word "CAN", means "YES" when pronounced in Hebrew, and this is what the "Yes we CAN" Association is all about!
"We CAN!" is a group of handicapped people in Israel, that decided they don't need charities, because they want to take care of themselves, by themselves! Under the leadership of Motti Chilibun, a retired Tourism Bus Driver (this is how I got to know them...) they organize their own vocational training and recreation activities, such as photography and Art Creations, computers and much more. That's why there are no emplyees at the "Yes we CAN" Association, so all the money they get goes only and directly into their own activities and enterprises! Working with them makes me happy because I know this is the right way to support the community. Just like the Chinese proverb says: "Don't give the poor man a fish. Give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish!" - and that's why I never donated money, but designed a "Hamsa" (oriental Luck-Symbol used by all religions represented in Israel) which we bought from them and gave it as a farewell-gift to our clients. Together with my partner at the Ahalan Olympus Company, we organized tours to the members, and special proffessional tours for the "we CAN" photography and filming classes, which I planned and guided. It was a wonderful feeling to see how handicapped people help other handicapped overcome obstacles that sometimes normal people have a problem to cope with!  Well, what can I say? Sometimes I don't know who is helping who...
Guiding the "We CAN" members at the Second Temple Model at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.