Along Israel's Mediterranean Coast
A Classical, yet off-the-beaten-track Tour that is designed as a private 1-Day Tour operated from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Especially suitable for those who are in Israel for the first time, or people on a Shore Excursion.

We set out on a modern road along Israel's Coastal Plain and into the Caesarea National Park. Unlike the majority of Israel's port cities, Caesarea Maritima was built on the Sand Dunes as one of the greatest ports of that time, "only" some 2000 years ago, by the famous builder, King Herod the Great. We will spend some time strolling around the monumental buildings, such as the Theater, the Hypodrom, Herods Palace built right into the sea, and more...

From here we continue along the Mediterranean Sea and then up Mt. Carmel, to the city of Haifa, Israel's modern port city. From the famous "Panorama Street" you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Haifa Bay, including the known Bahai Gardens, which are now recognized by UNESCO as "World Heritage Site".

We will visit the Old City of Acco (Acre) as well. Akko was also appointed World Heritage Site due to its underground Crusader City (the so-called "Knights Halls") which was preserved up to the roofs, right under the pulsating oriental Bazar! Having accumulated all these various experiences, it is time to head back home.