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Extended Jerusalem - Jewish
2 Days in Jerusalem, which are actually 2 separate day-tours, so you don't necessarily have to stay over-night in Jerusalem. It is mainly designed for Jewish families, but is also suitable for non-Jews - practically anyone who loves the city and wants to get to know it from new and surprising angles!
Day 1:

Jerusalem Old City: City of David – Davidson Center – Wailing Wall – Jewish Quarter – Temple Institute
Visit the City of David, the very ancient Jerusalem, "where it all began", including (those who dare!) walking in the water through the almost 3000-year-old Hezekiah's Tunnel to the Siloam Pool. From here we can walk in a tunnel through the newly discovered Monumental Road that led to the Temple Mount, emerging right under the Western Wall! At the Davidson Center we can see the recent excavation of the Southern wall of the Temple Mount and learn more about the Jewish Pilgrims who ascended 3 times a year to the Temple in Jerusalem. Now we have a thorough tour of the Western Wall (Kotel) and the Jewish Quarter, including the "Temple Institute" where you can see the reconstructed utensils, as they were used in the temple. We will also stroll along the renovated Roman Cardo, with its modern shops, that connect between past and present, and visit the Old 4 Sephardic Synagogues, which were renovated after the liberation of the Jewish Quarter.
Day 2:
Jerusalem New City: Yad Vashem – Knesset Menorah – Israel Museum - Machane Yehuda Market & Neighborhoods

This day is dedicated to the New City of Jerusalem: Visit Yad Vashem, Israel's National Holocaust Memorial. Then we visit the Menorah (Candelabra) situated in front of the Knesset building, housing Israel's Parliament. In the afternoon we will visit the recently renovated Israel Museum, and take a look at the 1:50 Model of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple, the "Shrine of the Book", housing the original Dead Sea Scrolls, and the new Judaica exhibition. Depending on the time left, we will explore the Machane Yehuda Market, and the special Jewish Neighborhoods surrounding it...