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2 Days “Cross-Judean-Desert” 4x4 Hiking Tour

Day 1:

Drive down to visit the Dead Sea, the deepest place on earth. Ascend the Ma’ale Shalem road, over the cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea. After a short stop for the view we shift to 4x4 and drive to the beginning of the canyon of Wadi Meshash. We leave our jeep and hike down the Meshash-gorge, climbing down and through the waterholes with the help of cables and handles attached to the solid rock. After a rainy winter, we might find those waterholes filled with water. Reaching Wadi Muraba’at, we take a path that leads us up the slope and into the Muraba’at caves, where the first Bar-Kochba letters from the Roman period were found. A steep path brings us back to the dirt road, where our jeep awaits us. Back in our car, we drive along the wild plateau-landscapes of the Judean Desert, stopping occasionally at places overlooking the Dead Sea and the oasis of Ein Gedi. After crossing the steep and challenging canyons of Nachal Mishmar and Nachal Arugot, we set up our camp in a “Thousand star Hotel” in the area.

 Day 2:

Early in the morning we drive to Brekhat Zefira, a natural waterhole in the Judean Desert. Using both hands and feet we climb down to the waterhole which, after rain, is full of water. After a short jeep-drive we reach the Arad-Massada road. By way of the Roman Ramp we enter the famous ruins of Massada (King Herod’s Desert Fortress) and explore this fascinating site. Another interesting off-road drive on “The Rambo Axis” (called so because the film “Rambo III” was filmed here) and down the very steep Ma’ale Yair road brings us down to the Dead Sea. Following a brief “float” (swimming is nearly impossible due to the complete buoyancy) we go 4x4 through the alien landscape of Sodom (Yeah… that Sodom…). A final leisurely hike through the “Flour Cave” completes our tour.

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